Meadowbrook Saloon
Meadowbrook Saloon

Strong Waters, Food and Fun!

Serving the Amsterdam, NY area since 1947 the Meadowbrook Saloon is located 6 minutes from NYS Thruway exit 27. The elevated stage for bands and a 300 square foot starburst pattern illuminated dance floor have been a crowd pleaser for over 50 years. With two heated, outside smoking areas you can enjoy a smoke without being subject to bad weather, mingle with friends and catch up on what's happening.


Come on out to the Country for some Country Style Fun!


Over the years, we have hosted numerous bands and they still come back to please the crowds. To name a few: Big Sky Country, Max Violet, Northern Lights, Sirkis, Thirsty!, The BedSpins, Crash Course, M-16, Jet Crash Billy, Six Ft Vertical, The Bushwackers, Midnight Drive, Inner Bred Chicken Herders, Flashback, 4-Down, Curtis Road Blues Band, Bad Habit, The Lazers, Perfect Landing, Run 4 Cover, Grit n' Whisky, Hairband Riot, Minds End, Hot Roxx, Third Rael, True Grit Outlaws, Southbound, Dirtroad Dreamin', American Garage Band, RattleSnake, Moonshine Junkies, 5-Zero, Saving Atalantis, TJ Sacco, W.A.N.T.E.D., Coincide, Seven Hills, Fulton Chain Gang, Rush Hour, Crazy Head Mazie and many, many more.

119 Meadowbrook Road
Glen, NY 12010

Phone: 518 922-7777


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